Friday, November 18, 2011

Isabella's Corner

The vocabulary game was super fun! We put vocabulary words on our backs and then had to figure out which word we had.  I thought making the conference folder was cool.  We wrote a story and a letter for our parents.  The multiplication sheets we colored were awesome. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

What did you learn on the field trip today?

Did you learn between a food chain and food web?  What did you learn today that you found interesting?

Weekly Update

Halloween Party- Thank You!
Thank you so much for all the donations for the party!  The food was delicious and the class had a wonderful time.  A special thank you to the room moms for coordinating the event and to the parents who were able to come and help.  The class had a wonderful time.  Check our blog for pictures!

I sent home a conference slip with your child that included the time of his/her conference.  Please send those back to confirm your time. 

 Field Trip

We had a great time today learning about food webs and food chains.

100 Minutes
Remind your child that they need to read a total of 100 minutes each week and record it on their reading log.  If they do not read at least 100 minutes, they will need to stay in for recess to complete it.  Make sure you initial next to their minutes.

Kate's Corner

What a week!!  We had a field trip about the food webs and food chains.  We played a lot of fun games! We pretended did that we were animals!  We also did a lot of fun centers.  It was also Sammy's birthday!  We had fun trick or treating!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Possessive Nouns

Hi, everyone!

Here is this weeks challenge:  Take your name and make it possessive.