Personalized Learning Projects

Why are gorillas endangered?
By Steven

How do stars die?
By Owen 

How do chameleons change the color of their scales?
By Demetri

Why are gorillas hunted?
By Christopher

Do birds get shocked when they sit on power lines?
by Max

Why are bears endangered?
By Nora

How do people speak?
By Gabi

Can sound break glass?
By Mark

 Why are sloths endangered?
By Connor

 How do you make your own light?
By Samantha

 Was the Titanic cursed?
By Kaitlyn

How did Atlantis sink?

By Katie 

How do diamonds form?

By Demetra

Why did Atlantis sink?

By Nate

Why are lemons sour?

By Chloe

Why are cheetahs endangered?

By Ava

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